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Sustainability & compliance

For us, sustainability means: We have to meet our needs today without depriving future generations of the opportunity to do the same for themselves. This applies to society, to the entire planet and, of course, to our own sustainable corporate development.

To achieve this goal, all sustainability goals are directly integrated into our business strategy. This applies to our business strategy, our value creation and to the safety and well-being of our employees.

Our Ethical Code of Conduct sets out the standards of ethical behavior and professional conduct that employees and representatives of ND PressTec use to guide the interactions with each other, the customers and the business partners. It demonstrates the commitment to integrity in everything we do.

  • Anti-bribery and corruption
    ND PressTec has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and bribery. We believe the best mitigating factor to prevent the risk of corruption is to organize regular training sessions for both our employees and third parties acting on behalf of the company.

  • Labor and human rights
    We are committed to respecting and protecting human rights in all our operations. We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights including the International Bill of Human Rights, the core International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP)
    Our employees are our most valuable resource. It is our responsibility to ensure we provide a sustainable working environment with fair terms and conditions for everyone working for us.
    We respect and work in line with internationally proclaimed human rights and ensure that we do not violate any of the human rights principles. These principles are also part of our evaluation process before entering into sales processes and in making supplier selection.
    We have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of human rights violations, including modern slavery and child labor, in both our operations and supply chain.

  • Export control
    We are committed to ensuring compliance with international trade and export control laws within the relevant jurisdictions.
    Export controls, sanctions and other trade restrictions are administered to protect national security and foreign policy interests, as well as to govern how and with whom we do business in other countries.
    There is an international market for illegal procurement of technology for military use. It is therefore essential that we demonstrate due diligence regarding business conduct; particularly when ensuring that products are sold to authorized parties in accordance with relevant regulations.

To ND PressTec, value chain integrity means that all of our business partners operate in an ethical manner that safeguards workers and human rights while protecting the environment.

Our Supplier Conduct Principles state our requirements and expectations to our business partners regarding business practices, personal conduct and working conditions. The principles are founded on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and the International Labor Organizations (ILO) conventions.

Suppliers are assessed and screened against various lists, including sanction and debarment lists and lists identifying red flags.

We are committed to cooperating with suppliers to ensure that they have appropriate ethical and responsible policies and practices in place and supporting them in closing any gaps the assessment may identify.

  • Health and safety at work
    Health and safety at work is an important foundation for the success of our company. It includes the constant monitoring of all machines as well as continuous training of our staff. It is our task to constantly improve the standard of occupational safety through ongoing and targeted inspections. This way, we can always guarantee a safe workplace for our employees.

  • Anti-discrimination and diversity
    ND PressTec is committed to creating a working environment that values diversity, is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment, and is built upon the principle of equal opportunity and affirmative action. We are all responsible for creating an inclusive work environment where every individual feels respected, and where the value of having a diverse workforce is recognized.
    We recruit on competence and the belief that diversity is key to our success. We do not discriminate based on gender, marital status, trade union membership, sexual orientation, race, disability, age, religion or any other for the position non-relevant factors.


The objective of these principles is to state the requirement for best business practices and personal conduct in the entire ND PressTec supply chain and for our business partners.

ND PressTec considers ethics and corporate responsibility to be at the heart of its operations and intends to be recognized for holding a high ethical standard. We expect the same from any business partners.

The objective of our Supplier Conduct Principles is to state the requirement for best business practices, personal conduct and safe working conditions in the entire ND PressTec supply chain and for all parties (entities and/or persons) that have a direct contractual relationship with and offer products and services to ND PressTec.

ND PressTec Supplier Conduct Principles are founded on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, and our Ethical Code of Conduct.

If you are a supplier to ND PressTec and you want to report any irregularities about ND PressTec you can do so, in strict confidence, to:

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery, including forced labor, human trafficking and debt bondage, is a violation of human rights and international labor standards. To eradicate modern slavery in all its forms, companies need to contribute.

ND PressTec is committed to ensuring, to the best of our knowledge, that there is no slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. We will not knowingly support and/or do business with any suppliers who are involved in slavery.

This statement has been published in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. It sets out the steps taken by ND PressTec so far to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business, operations and supply chain and the proposed actions to support this going forward.