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Military & Special Forces

Our product portfolio for the military application contains bullet and case cups for all common calibers up to 20mm (NATO and non-standard calibers). In addition, our product portfolio comprehends also products for "green ammunition" as well as solutions for high-precision components for snipers and similar applications.

Each cup will be developed and manufactured according to the specific requirements of our customers.

Our products are characterized by excellent processability. This guarantees smooth production runs for the corresponding components and supports our customers to act competitive and successful on the market.

Law Enforcement

Special purposes require tailor-made products. Our product range of bullet and case cups for law enforcement includes all required calibers. Furthermore, we manufacture individual products which are designed for challenges that requires special properties, following our customer’s needs.

The consequent realization of customized requirements in combination with the excellent processing properties of our products offers our customers the opportunity to successfully place their products on the market.

Hunting & sports

Highest requirements on precision and consistency characterize our product portfolio for hunting and sports. We manufacture bullet and case cups for common calibers such as .222, .223, .243, 6.5mm, 7mm, .300, .308, .338 and .408 as well as special cups designed specifically for hunting and sport calibers according to the highest standards of our customers.

Our target is to meet and exceed the highest requirements with the focus, to implement perfect solutions. This in close cooperation with our customers. In this context a concentricity of <0.015mm for bullet cups is set as standard for us.

Industrial solutions

We have comprehensive know-how in the areas of stamping and drawing technologies, heat treatments and the metallurgical properties required for these processes, especially for brass alloys. Drawing on this comprehensive experience in the field of special stamped and deep-drawn metal parts (for example brass, steel, aluminum), we are able to design the perfect solution according to our customer’s requirements.

Our machine park includes various types of high-performance eccentric presses, allowing a highly flexible and economical production of various stamped and deep-drawn parts. With press forces of up to 120 tons we can process material with a thickness of 1 to 9 mm according to your specifications. Standard sleeve diameters are between 7 and 40 mm, but diameters up to 60 mm are also possible.